Great Extended Stay RV Sites

Great Extended Stay RV Sites

Many remote workers choose to stay in an RV instead of other short-term housing options. Here at McClellan RV Park, traveling nurses, linesmen at PG&E and medical staff at Kaiser Permanente all call us home.

RV living just makes sense. For these workers, and many others just like them, living in an RV is better than staying in a hotel or renting a place when away from home for a few months on a construction project or a medical assignment.

Hotels, even in small towns, are far too costly: even at $600 per week, too much of your income is wasted away.

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A smarter way to work and play

You work too hard just to throw that hard-earned income away, needlessly. This is one big reason why the allure of RV living just makes sense. RV sites can be had for much cheaper: $600 per week (hotel) versus $600 per month (RV park).

Beyond the significant cost savings of RV living at extended stay RV sites, is the community benefit. Not too many people staying at hotels gather around a fire ring for drinks, snacks and good conversation. Whereas, staying at RV parks it’s often the norm.

When you’re living in a rig, you can cook your own meals, invite fellow coworkers and friends over for good company. You might enjoy a friendly outing to a local event, like a concert, dining out or something as laid back as a game of horseshoes.

Living in an RV is simply enjoyable and economically sensible.

RV living trumps hotel smell any day of the week

After a hard day’s work, the last thing that you need is the unrelenting smell and noise of a hotel. If you’ve spent a fair amount of time in hotels you know exactly what this means: strange sounds interrupting your sleep, unusual odors permeating your room, etc.

If you’re spending a lengthy amount of time away from home, for work-related reasons, then you want and need a certain degree of comfort. That need is rarely met at overpriced hotel stays. Instead, regain a modicum of sanity and comfort by considering extended stay RV sites, and you’ll be happy that you did!

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About 12 miles from the Old Sacramento Historic District, McClellan RV Park has extended stay RV sites and is your premier extended stay RV park, which happily accommodates workers at PG&E, Kaiser, and any other Bay Area employee in search of comfort and peace. Book your stay, today!


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