Love Your Pooch Like We Do at our Pet Friendly RV Park

Love Your Pooch Like We Do at our Pet Friendly RV Park

Love your pooch? So do we! Enjoy an invigorating stroll with your furry friend within our lush, gated dog park and walking track. RVing is family fun, which also includes our pets!

Your Furry Friend will Love our Pet Friendly Facilities

You can take solace in knowing that your pooch will enjoy McClellan RV Park, as much as you, with the premium pet friendly facilities at his beck-and-paw:

  • Gated Dog Park with Lush Grass
  • Walking Track
  • Secure, Gated Community


RVers love bringing their families along for a little R&R, and that includes pets too. Just think about it: when you get home, after a long day of work, who comes running and wagging their way into ecstatic fits? Your little furr-ball.

Pet Friendly RV Park and Facilities | McClellan RV Park


Why Leave that Ball-of-love Behind?

McClellan RV Park guarantees that you no longer will, because you-and your pets-are part of our family. With McClellan RV Park’s premium pet friendly facilities, you no longer need to hire a dog-sitter or spend money on dog kennel fees.

Your furry kid wants to be with you. Moreover, you love that feeling of warmth and happiness that comes with knowing that all of your family is RVing together. At McClellan RV Park you and your pooch will have it made basking in the sun and the shade. After all, isn’t this what RVing is all about?


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