The Sacramento Zoo

The Sacramento Zoo

If you like animals (and who doesn’t?), consider a visit to the Sacramento Zoo. McClellan RV Park is just a few miles away. The zoo offers an incredible experience for visitors and is one of Sacramento’s real treasures!

A Brief History of the Sacramento Zoo

The history of the zoo goes back to 1927 when the little zoo in the park, as it was called, started. Also known as the William Land Park Zoo, 40 animals including monkeys, raccoons, birds, deer and other small animals inaugurated the 4.2 acre zoo.

The first elephant, SUE (Sacramento Union Elephant) was purchased in 1948 with Winky, a companion arriving in 1955.

The Sacramento Zoo | McClellan RV Park

The 1970s through the 1990s

This three-decade period brought about the current name of Sacramento Zoo and in the 1980s real change began by replacing iron bars and concrete walls with protective moats, larger animal enclosures and more a naturalistic look for the chimpanzees, orangutans, and tiger environments.

In the 90s, zoo membership reached 10,000 households and the Sacramento Zoological Society took over management of the zoo.

Later decades brought about a shift from showcasing as many animals as possible, to creating a recreational experience that also focused on the importance of providing an education about the inhabitants.

Current Status

Today, the zoo thrives with more than 500 native, rare, and endangered animals from 128 species. More than 500,000 annual guests visit each year! No wonder the grounds feature stage shows, animal encounters, special exhibits, educational features, and tours.

The zoo is open each day from 9 am – 4 pm. Learn more at

About McClellan RV Park

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